Services We Provide

Coastal Family Services is a creative and unique behavioral and mental health center dedicated to providing supportive interventions in a highly individualized manner.  

Are you a new mom overwhelmed with feelings of excessive sadness or worry?

Are you caring for an aging parent and wondering if you are doing it “right”?

Are you a teenager engaging in self-harm behaviors or having thoughts of suicide?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves struggling to overcome difficult feelings or move beyond tough situations.  Coastal Family Services offers therapy, case management, and advocacy services designed to help you find health and happiness and get the most out of your life.

Services Include

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Play Therapy

Art Therapy

Recreational Therapy

Clinical Case Management

Clinical Advocacy

Clinical Supervision


Our Approach

Each and every family or individual we work with will have an individualized treatment plan that will look very unique based on specific strengths, needs, and goals of the client.  Generally speaking, the first two to four sessions will be an evaluation of client and family needs including time to meet the family and observe relationships and behaviors, undergo a clinical interview, and outline a possible treatment plan.  Future session length and frequency will be determined by the treatment goals.  Sessions may be held in the family home, at schools or other agencies, or in the community setting.  While there is always a fair share of talking and conversation, some of the best work will be done by doing and experiencing and overcoming challenges together.  

Some Examples of how this might look:

  • For a teenager struggling with stress and anxiety, the treatment plan may include outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, biking, or rock climbing. 

  • For a family looking to improve communication, the treatment plan may include initiating family game nights or working together to prepare a family dinner. 

  • For a new mother working on emotional adjustment during the last trimester of pregnancy, the treatment plan may include setting up the nursery or meeting with other new moms to talk about some of the concerns.

  • For a child dealing with trauma, the treatment plan may include using paint or other art forms to bring out emotions and describe situations that are too confusing or difficult to talk about.  

Insurance and payment

Coastal Family Services does not accept any form of insurance at this time.  Our experience shows that when insurance is accepted, it is the insurance company that determines the level of care and services needed.  We fully believe that the individual, family, and clinician should be the team that decides appropriate levels of care and what services will be provided.  

The fee for services is $100 per hour for regularly scheduled sessions with the clinician.  The fee for hours accrued during the initial evaluation period will be billed at the time the treatment plan is presented.  Payment thereafter is expected at time of service, unless other arrangements have been made.  Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted.  We may be considered an "Out of Network" provider on your private insurance and we are happy to provide you the appropriate paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  In addition, a sliding fee may be available based on family income levels.  Please contact us for more information regarding payment options.