kristina minott

Kristina Minott, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), is the owner and lead clinician for Coastal Family Services. 

Kristina is trained to work with individuals of all ages, couples, and families to address relational, behavioral, and mental health concerns such as family life transitions, anxiety and depression, trauma, parent and child relationships, marital distress, and psychosocial issues relating to medical or school concerns using a variety of modalities tailored to fit the needs of each individual client.  Her therapeutic style is relationship based with a strong focus on resiliency and self-awareness.  She believes that everyone possesses innate strengths, and works with her clients to identify and build upon these, as the foundation for healthy change and personal growth.

Kristina’s previous clinical work includes individual and group therapy with children, adolescents, adults and families in home and community settings.  She worked at two local social service agencies providing a variety of services including counseling, case management, safety planning, parent education, and resource planning.  It is from these jobs that Kristina gained valuable experience in the home and community setting, a much different form of therapy than traditional modes in an office.  She found that there was a level of authenticity, of realness, in working in someone’s home that cannot be duplicated in an office setting.  Because of this authenticity there was no way to hide from the issues and Kristina witnessed incredible client and family transformations over the years. 

In addition, Kristina has extensive experience in the school setting, working with teens and parents to ensure social, behavioral, and academic success for every student.  Perhaps her most rewarding experience at the school is the time she spent with an alternative education program.  Spending time with the students in the program, all disenfranchised by the typical educational model for one reason or another, proved to be quite an inspiration.  It was incredible to watch a student who “only wants to fish” become a true college candidate and wave his acceptance letter with pride; a student who wears only black and uses profane language become an expert on the greenhouse and lead the group on garden projects; a student who had a baby at 16 become a strong mother who developed her own solid path for their future.  These students, and all the possibilities they held within themselves, are what kept her excited to go to work each day. 

Kristina received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Maine, an education focused on child and adolescent development, individual and group counseling techniques, psychopathology, and professional ethics.  A highlight of her Master’s program, Kristina worked with a team of students, faculty, and community members to research the correlation between length of substance abuse recovery and levels of personal resiliency.  

Her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies, also from the University of Maine, included courses focused on family relationships, diversity, domestic violence, and socio-economic disparities, all natural precursors to Social Work licensure. 

Recently, Kristina completed a Special Education graduate certificate program, Response to Intervention: Behavior, a series of courses designed to teach the theory of behavior and how to complete behavioral assessments in the school and home setting.  The knowledge and skills gained from this certificate program are extremely useful when working with children and adolescent clients who struggle with behavioral issues.