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If you or your family is going through a challenging time, Coastal Family Services' dedicated clinicians are here to work with you and offer the help and support you need to reach your goals.

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Are you or a loved one struggling 
with any of the following?


›  Bereavement or loss of a loved one

›  Changes in families, moves, and general life transitions

›  Adjustment to a physical illness

›  Feelings of stress and being overwhelmed

›  Anxiety and the inability to access healthy coping skills

›  Dissatisfaction with jobs or relationships

›  Low mood, chronic fatigue, and depression

›  Post-traumatic stress and trauma issues

›  Cycling moods and irritability

›  Prenatal and postpartum depression and related issues

›  Perinatal emotional adjustment and family planning

›  Difficulty in school, academically or behaviorally

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Coastal Family Services’ clinicians work with adults, adolescents, children, and families on a variety of emotional and behavioral health concerns just like these that impact everyday life.  Learn more or call (207) 812-7073.

A unique approach to therapy

Coastal Family Services was created to fill a necessary gap in available social, behavioral, and mental health services in the Mount Desert Island area.  Unlike traditional counseling, where one might think of a formal therapist taking notes while a patient lies on a couch and does all the talking, the services provided by Coastal Family Services are interactive authentic, home and community based treatments that prompt real personal growth and healing.  While we continuously provide top-notch treatment using evidence-based modalities and ethical decision making, we pride ourselves on doing things a bit different than usual and getting great results. 

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